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Enterprise-class cloud services.  100% Uptime SLA guarantee.

We have the speed, flexibility and reliability.

Scale as your business grows and computing needs.

Get all the advantages of a high-class KVM-based cloud service now.


Impressive benchmark score! Our powerful processors will provide your servers with high performance regardless of the load. Build the fastest cloud infrastructure for your business!


Configurable Firewall can block traffic even before it reaches your servers. Place your sensitive data in our private networks and get all the benefits of our secure cloud solution!


Our simple and intuitive cloud management dashboard allows you to manage servers resources, backups as well as DNS zones. Use simple JSON language to fully automate your platform.


Create a server in less than 1 minute and pay by the hour. See detailed statistics for the used resources. Build automation scripts. Choose from a large selection of Linux and Windows templates.


Get a free trial period. Free CDN Accelerator for your virtual server with no need for further configuration. No hidden fees or unwanted extra services — you only pay for what you need!


No downtime or data loss. We guarantee 100% SLA and we’ll refund 50% if downtime period that lasts longer than 4 minutes. If the server’s work stops for longer than 20 minutes — you get a 100% refund.

Why working with us is profitable?

These are cloud resources for developers, innovative start-ups, enterprises with unsurpassed speed, reliability and flexibility. 

When you move to the cloud, you no longer need to worry about system updates, infrastructure maintenance or security patches. Your team can concentrate on developing the business and only pay for the resources it currently needs – we take care of everything else!

Live 24/7 world class customer support. Unlimited IPs per VS. Super performance and stability of your virtual servers.

No more bottlenecks. No downtime. We use only latest enterprise hardware with all our expirations of many years.

You decide yourself how much CPU, memory and storage your virtual server is allocated. This gives you incredible flexibility.

Free trial period, 100% SLA with money back. No contracts. Hourly rate. Automatically backups. Free migration period.
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Deploy your cloud servers worldwide

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skyrider data processing centers correspond to the highest international standards:

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100% Uptime SLA guarantee. We trust our infrastructure so much that we guarantee a refund in case of downtime lasting:

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