About us

How we got started

The idea for skyrider was born in 2010 when the founder, Roman Bohutski, already had a vast experience in setting up and administering partner projects with loads of cloud hosting providers. He was fed up with less-than-pleasant experience when furiously searching for the optimal cloud provider over and over again. 

Some are cutting corners. Others don’t have sufficient expertise in cloud computing. As a result, something is always wrong. Those who boast cutting-edge VPS server hardware might offer overwhelming and cluttered interface. Those with a beautiful minimalist interface might lack an affordable pricing system for your company needs. Those with the best price might break their promise of 100% uptime guarantee…


Challenge accepted! 

And then there was the a-ha moment. Why looking for the perfect service that is non-existent like unicorns when we can create our own? To make sure that nothing is amiss, every shortcoming of existing services had to be taken into account. 

Roman knew what to do right from the start. He came up with a comprehensive list of reasons why users are not satisfied with their VPS hosting company. In fact, the most common problems of cloud providers are the following: 

Let the pros work

Even when you’re charged with high-octane energy, you can’t build a great team overnight. It has taken a couple of months to find unparalleled cloud hosting gurus ready to give their minds, souls, and nerves into creating the service that could become a real game changer. They got right to work with a glass-half-full attitude. Here is what they did while creating the VPS hosting service from scratch:


Cutting-edge datacenters of Tier III Plus and Tier IV levels with N+1 and 2N+1 Redundancy all over the world.

Combined the most innovative hardware with advanced cloud-based technologies.

Made it fully customizable and scalable via UI and API.

Trained support team to provide impeccable service 24/7

Our Mission

Our mission is to create cloud solutions for specific industries to minimize expenses for creation, launch and performance monitoring for each client segment. We’re committed to developing a knowledge sharing community to build user confidence. The cloud computing industry is constantly changing, and so are we. We aren’t going to get our heads from the clouds any time soon as long as our virtual private servers are firing on all cylinders.