Our Infrastructure

By choosing skyrider as your cloud hosting provider, you make sure your resources enjoy the optimal performance. We regularly review our infrastructure and do our best to implement the latest technology available.

We have partnered with top bandwidth providers and data centers, providing our clients with uninterrupted access to fully managed Tier 3+ and Tier 4 data centers with N+1 and 2N+1 redundancy and Tier 1 networks all over the world. You can count on flexible service contracts, as well as industry leading SLAs.

We deploy cutting-edge hardware, including HPE 3PAR SANs and Juniper and Cisco networking products. What’s more, HPE Blade System is the nucleus of skyrider Secure Cloud.

In combination with the system failover, HPE Blade Servers enable skyrider to provide its clients with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Our Bandwidth Providers


skyrider peers with multiple bandwidth providers,  including Level 3 and Cogent.


DDoS Defence System (DDS)


skyrider delivers a comprehensive DDoS protection solution no matter the length and strength of cyber attacks. Once a malicious DDoS attack occurs, your services, app or network is kept safe due to:



  • Rerouting the data traffic destined for the target device to a Riverhead appliance for analysis.
  • Sifting through the bad data packets and blocking malicious traffic from affecting performance.
  • Routing the good traffic to ensure business availability.


DDS Protection Features

  • Identifies and subdues common network-layer DDoS attacks as well as more advanced application-layer attacks, SYN floods and specifically designed exploits.
  • Uses sophisticated DDoS Defence algorithms in tandem with comprehensive rate-based protection mechanisms to block all kinds of DDoS attacks.
  • Guards against spam messages and requests to servers that can cripple distributed denial-of-service attacks.
  • Protects your network, letting legitimate communications go through without any interruptions.
  • Using geo-location features, guarantees the enforcement of security policy based on the origin of IP addresses.
  • Ensures the highest throughput and the lowest latency, keeping your site online even under attack.
Data Centres
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Uptime SLA
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Our Locations


We offer both public cloud and private cloud hosting services. Our public cloud service is currently available in Toronto, Canada. When it comes to our private cloud, you can choose from 37 locations in 24 countries:


North America

Boston, USA

Los Angeles, USA

Miami, USA

New York, USA

San Jose, USA

Somerset, USA

Toronto, Canada


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dublin, Ireland

Frankfurt, Germany

Geneva, Switzerland

Helsinki, Finland

Lisbon, Portugal

London, UK

Madrid, Spain


Milan, Italy

Paris, France

Seville, Spain

Sofia, Bulgaria

Stockholm, Sweden

Warsaw, Poland

Woking, UK

Zurich, Switzerland


Dubai, UAE

Hong Kong, China

Istanbul, Turkey

Jakarta, Indonesia

Shanghai, China


Tokyo, Japan


Melbourne, AUS

Perth, AUS

Sydney, AUS


South America

Bogota, Colombia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil