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Popular solutions in our clouds

Web hosting server

Order a server with optimal parameters for your goals and budget, which you can change at any moment.

Application server

A powerful virtual machine based on the fast and reliable Skyrider server will be the best choice for your application.

Mail Server

Entrust your email to a cloud server as a safer, more stable, secure and efficient channel for delivering and filtering emails.

Database server

Host your database on a secure Windows or Linux cloud server, with optimal performance for routine work and peak loads.

Remote desktop server / VDI

You can easily and quickly centralize the management of your software by deploying it on a virtual machine and granting access to your users.

WordPress server

Publish sites on the popular platform with the help of a fast, easily scalable cloud server with all the necessary presets.

Development server

Your team will appreciate the easily configurable server resources. Create, clone and delete virtual machines while saving your settings for different projects.

ERP-system Server

Decrease your company’s enterprise resource planning system costs with the help of a modern cloud solution that’s more stable, affordable and safe.

CRM-system server

Rock-solid, fast and secure virtual server for your CRM is the best solution to increase the efficiency of all customer management processes.

Backup server

Our cloud storage solution solves all the question of accessing, protecting and recovering your data on a whole new level of quality.

IP-telephony server

Specialized virtual server will allow you to create a powerful PBX with redundant features for modern corporate IP telephony.

IoT Server

The cloud server will provide uninterrupted data collection, action triggers, visualization and scalability of your distributed network of IoT devices.

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  • CPU, per core:             $0.0107  | $8
  • RAM, per GB:               $0.0041  | $3
  • Storage, per GB:         $0.0002 | $0.2
  • IPv4 address:               $0.0026 | $2
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